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Can anyone recommend or point me towards somewhere I can find engaging literature I can print out, either for sticky taping to lamp posts, to church signs, sneakily leave on church pews if I pretend to go to a Sunday service. Things to leave or paste or post where people will notice them, preferably containing thought-provoking stuff on a range of topics (especially science, what with the release of "Expelled" I expect people are soon going to be trotting along safe in their twisted knowledge that evolution makes baby Jesus cry). Why? Because blogging about atheism and sitting at home doing nothing about it doesn't make me too happy, yet neither would running around accosting people on the street or at their homes. I'd make it up myself but my design skills are sorely lacking.
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When searching for such material, it really strikes you how much less there is of it than the Christian equivalent. That doesn't necessarily reflect badly on us, as evangelicals really go overboard in this department. I walked through the National Mall in Washington DC this July 4th and could have pocketed about half a dozen different pamphlets if I'd wanted. (In case you're curious, half were from Jews for Jesus.)

Here is a start: various print media from the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Some of it is US-specific and it's all very wordy, but if you can fit it on a pamphlet it might be useful.

Other than that, pickings are slim.

Perhaps our viewpoint simply comes across better in books than on scraps of paper. If you want something you can whip out the way a Christian would their pocket New Testament, I recommend the compact anthologyThe Portable Atheist, compiled by Christopher Hitchens.

- SmartLX

Edit: At last a resourceful atheist has taken it upon himself to supply us with a handy toolbox of viable paraphernalia. Cheers, Cyberguy.

Why aren't atheists just trying to fit in?

I recently sent out a bulletin through RRSChicago refering to a funny skit by atheist comedian Jamie Kilstein the skit, and Jamies Blog containing the video, used the words: "little angry, pinch-faced Christian" in the description so I used it in the bulletin. I received the e-mail below from an atheist in response and had to shake my head as the past few months of discussions of how diverse atheist thought-processes are came rushing at me: Her E-mail: "As Atheists we have to work harder to fit into society. Fanatical Christians are accepted easier.... I want to be part of a positive group.. not one in a pissing contest with Christians. "little angry, pinch-faced Christian"
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My E-mail response:

"Actually we aren't in a pissing match , we are searching for a way to communicate our views with theists that push their faith / belief into society; Schools, government, neighborhoods... Chamber of commerce meetings.

It just so happens that we live in the USA and christianity is the majority religion. You said it yourself, we have to work harder to fit into this society and the fact that fanatical christians are accepted easier has to have yourself asking if that is fair and why?

The Rational Response Squad uses an "in your face" "catch your attention yet?" type of marketing. Does that mean every single one of us in the squad agree on every single point? NO. As with any group dynamic, it takes all kinds. Within the Rational Response Squad there are what I would consider "hardcore atheists" and "warm and fuzzy" atheists. We all work together within one of the most *diverse in personality* atheist groups in America. There can't be just ONE way to stand up to religion.

Thanks for the time you took to respond! Maybe some day atheists can actually work together instead of against one another! I would pray for that but, well, you know."


My intention while being part of the group of RRS affiliates is to target "agnostics" and atheists that have 'heard' the RRS are *hardcore crazy atheists that are mean and angry*. (and yes I have been told this) I targeted agnostics when setting up my friends list so that I could slowly expose them to the RRS and what we have to offer in the way of community and information. I expected to have the biggest push-back from them. However, so far the biggest challenges presented have been by those that consider themselves atheist. Every e-mail I get from the nay-sayers actual fuels me to continue to push the message that Jake passed on a few weeks ago: "There is no ONE way"

Rational Response Squad Chicago
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Jamie Kilstein

Why not leave Christians to believe?

Why not leave Christians to believe? Especially since Christians, in your view, will not lose anything by dying a believer.
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Not losing anything is a poor reason to be a Christian, or to belong to any other group.

There are three main reasons why atheists assault the beliefs of theists. The first is simply that it's sad to see other people be wrong about something so important. The second is that if the beliefs are false, which is likely, then theists are spending a huge amount of time, energy, money and emotion on something which will not reward them in the way they hope. They're losing a portion of their lives.
The third is that theism often breeds animosity towards atheists, and most other theists.

- SmartLX

Sapient, when and why did you become so involved?

I submitted my question in audio via your email. - Cbenard
Atheist Answer: 

Cbenard, thanks for the question. Here is my answer in audio.

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