Why not leave Christians to believe?

Why not leave Christians to believe? Especially since Christians, in your view, will not lose anything by dying a believer.
Atheist Answer: 

Not losing anything is a poor reason to be a Christian, or to belong to any other group.

There are three main reasons why atheists assault the beliefs of theists. The first is simply that it's sad to see other people be wrong about something so important. The second is that if the beliefs are false, which is likely, then theists are spending a huge amount of time, energy, money and emotion on something which will not reward them in the way they hope. They're losing a portion of their lives.
The third is that theism often breeds animosity towards atheists, and most other theists.

- SmartLX


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Re: Why not leave Christians to believe?

And the fourth reason is that acceptance (or respect/tolerance) of faith promotes the idea that it's okay to believe without evidence, supporting the very same faulty thinking which underpins fundamentalism. Rituals may be relatively harmless, poor decision making isn't.

Basically, the three laws

Basically, the three laws posted and the one comment explain paritally why Christians don't just leave atheists to themselves as well. It goes both ways my friend!


I understand the theist equivalent of my three reasons, but I don't quite see how you would invert LeeJH's comment. Are you saying that Christians don't like the idea of accepting evidence?