How to handle biblethumpers at the door.

You guys are brilliant. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle biblethumpers. I like messing with them, but I would really like to make them think...any suggestions?
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Got missionaries ?


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" I like messing with them."

" I like messing with them." Well you are hardly 'thinking' yourself. Intrusions of privacy is rude by anyone; LDS missionarys, 7th Day Adventists, Scientologists and even Madeleine Murray- O'Hare showing up with a knock on the head and showing signs of amnesia. Many victims of such intrusions are put on the defensive. YOUR self worth is being called into question, if your not a MORMON et al you are somehow inferior, of less intrinsic worth or opinion. THEY are messing with YOU. Have you tried a 'DO NOT DISTURB' SIGN? It's a temporal world we are operating in and it's called trespass if they feint illiteracy or near sightetness. You might show reciprocal courtesy to those who don't bang on doors. Have a question about Christianity? Talk to an Orthodox. The respectfull and calm explanations of dogma and theology might clear you up like no e meter ever will.

Re: How to handle biblethumpers at the door

When I've seen them 'canvassing' the neighborhood, I've been known to show-up at the door naked, and say, "Yeah, I'm 'busy'... what'ya want-?" LOL

I have written, called, emailed, asked for a call-back from the 'elders' response....

If the sign says 'No Solicitors', they won't abide by it, (they'll SAY that they're not selling anything).

No Trespassing will 'usually' work.

Perhaps, a "No Proselytizing" sign would work-?

No Canvassing-?

I've even gone as far as sending a registered-letter to the JHW HQ in New York asking to be put on the 'Do not call' list (what 'they' call it) in order to be taken-OFF of their canvassing-list,....Might be worth a try....if enough people do it,...?

Grocery Store Religion.

While in line at the grocery a young lady behind me handed me a card with the address of her church on it. She said god bless you sir won't attend our services. I gave the card back to her and told her I was an atheist and asked her to attend one of our atheist group meetings(of course there are no atheist groups in this town, but she didn't know that). Seems I can' get away from christians, even in the grocery!

How to handle biblethumpers on the PHONE

A woman called our house wanting to speak about the Bible, and my dad spoke to her on the phone for an hour (while I sat next to him, listening in on my own extension) about evolution, the Bible, and science. It was brilliant.