Yes-Another near death experience question.

I find the answers atheists give to this question all seem to carry a touch of desperation, as though they will grab at anything which will deny the remotest possibility that the tens of thousands of people who have had such experiences are all the victims of their own wild ,crazy hallucinations. Most of these people state very clearly that what they have experienced bears no relationship to the dreams and hallucinationa they have experienced during their lives. We are talking about an enormous range of people, including atheists, agnostics and very young children. How do you explain verified accounts of people who have not only left thie body but seen and heard things in other hospital rooms which have later been verified? Are all these people liars? How can you hallucinate factual observations in physcial locations in which your body is not present?
Atheist Answer: 

Do read my comments in the original question where I explain that there is very likely a difference between a brain which is dying, or almost dying, and one which is not. One might expect the experiences of the former to be somewhat unique, no?

Regardless of what a patient's religion is, if they're in the news we read then they're in a country where if the Christian concept of the afterlife, if not widely believed, is at least widely known. The reason why even non-Christians' experiences may feature Heaven and Hell (that's where you're going with this, right?) is most likely a simple unconscious association of these ideas with death. It doesn't denote belief, and it certainly doesn't speak to reality more than any dream does.

As for factual observations of things not visible or audible to the patient (which is getting into the more general field of out-of-body experiences), those are exactly the events which have not been verified. There are stories of course, but nothing that it's actually possible to pin down and say, "This happened."

Disagree with me? Then don't just wave your hand at the world and say the evidence is out there. That shows us nothing. Go find some concrete examples and link to them in a comment (use HTML links please, as in a href), so that we can do our own research and come to our own conclusions. Make an effort.

That's not just to Iens, it's to everybody. Show us what you've got.

- SmartLX

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