Are atheists religous ?

Is atheism a religion ? are atheists religious ?
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Aren't atheists as dogmatic as religious people?

Dont atheists seem to posess the same dogmatic certainty as religious fundamentalists? I am not going to try to prove or disprove the existence of God, but thus far science and rationality has not proven the non-existence of God.
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I responded to his question along with a letter sent that supported Davids statement in the following audio file:

About 10 minutes long.

- Sapient

UPDATE FROM DAVID: I was very pleased to have a correspondence with David after the fact, and received this quote, "To say that athism is dogmatic is an inappropraite over-generalization." Cheers to you David for being open minded!

"well good job on keeping up with all the feeback guys. you make a stand, you make good points, and youre not the guys that say 'oh yeah well if you dont like this then youre stupid.' lol, ive got nothing against you so i guess just keep doing what youre doing."

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