Church of Reality

what do you think of the Church of Reality and the idea of reality based religion? Atheism is about what you don't believe in. Realism is about what you do believe in.
Atheist Answer: 

You're absolutely right about atheism and realism. The Church of Reality is a valid religion to adopt, whereas atheism is simply a rejection of religion.

The CoR's beliefs, such as they are, are perfectly sound. Like atheists, they demand evidence before they will believe that something is real.

As for their rules for living, their "Sacred Principles" and so forth, that's for you to evaluate. Would someone who lives by these principles lead a good life? Help others? Be happy?

The CoR may be a religion, at least by its own definition, but it is at least a thoroughly rational one. However, I would be curious as to whether conventional religions regard it as a religion at all.

- SmartLX

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