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A good friend of mine hangs out with another woman she met in classes at a local Community College. This woman is quite strident in her opinions about anything (As am I) which led me to a rather gob-smackingly uncomfortable space between the rock and hard place recently. It all started with an innocent discussion about a rainstorm that was coming and the prospect this woman was facing with possibly being cut off from work if a creek flooded by her house. A sample of a possible conversation between her and her boss included the assertion of her only knowing 1 person who could walk on water. I was prepared to let that go for amity's sake but she then stared straight at me and says" But I don't suppose you would agree since I hear you're an atheist". She went on to say that it was ok though, she would be happy staring down from heaven laughing at my pain and misery in hell. Now I have come to understand that Christianity is a mental illness so I can forgive such a crass proclamation out of hand. The real surprise was my supposed friend who never got closer to religion than slamming the door in a Jehovah's Witless's face pipes up and says "He would be just fine with that, all his friends would be there". Do I still have a friend? I mean, what do you say when you find out you really don't know who a person is. I can't just stop being friendly because we have kids together but I can't quite make myself trust her anymore.
Atheist Answer: 

There's some doubt. Whether you give your friend the benefit of that doubt is up to you.

Consider the obvious: your friend knows you don't even believe there is a Hell, so might simply be joking in a way she thinks won't offend you or the Christian. Just working from this one anecdote, I can't confirm definite enemy action here. You never know, she might regret saying it after thinking about it.

Do think about asking her directly whether your atheism is a problem. You might well avoid a whole bunch of Seinfeld-style conversations where the one important thing is never stated. She is still ostensibly your friend. If there is a problem, maybe you can work it out, perhaps by dispelling a myth or two about self-declared atheists.

As for your Christian, my heart goes out to you. That was one sadistic sentiment about laughing while you burn, even if she does actually have a god behind her. Holy schadenfreude, Batman.

- SmartLX

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