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Why don't they know?

I may have found the holy grail that shuts them up! Ask who was king james and how did that version come to be? very few have a clue and the few that do dont want to talk anymore. could you please give a short history of HENRY V111 <serial killer> started his version. a book they say is the word of gODD hmmm I guess history isnt taught in sunday school
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Here's the Wikipedia page on the King James Version of the Bible.

Here's a very quick version: Henry VIII of England had the Bible translated into English for the first time (before that, it was in Latin) while establishing himself as the head of what would become the Church of England. James VI of Scotland (also James I of England; same guy, different numbers for each country he ruled) later commissioned his own English version which was as non-controversial as he could manage but did have a few bits geared to support his own divine right to rule. (Charles I later relied unsuccessfully on this divine right when on trial for high treason, and was beheaded.)

The KJV (for short) is special because there are those who believe it's the only accurate and reliable translation, over and above even the original texts in Hebrew and Greek. (Remember that the people in the New Testament would have spoken Aramaic.) There appears to be no solid basis for this belief except for the fact that the KJV is really very well-written.

Pointing out the human origins of the Bible and its different versions is always a good way to make Christians think and examine the sources of their beliefs. It's hardly a skeptic's Holy Grail, however, because many Christians simply declare that God guided everyone even remotely involved in the writing, editing, translation, publication and distribution of the particular Bible they use. Same goes for any holy text before or since. It's never just a bunch of stuff some person wrote, it's always divinely inspired if not actually written by gods.

Quick comment on the questioner's handle: it's not necessarily Hell for you if you're wrong, only if you're wrong and some religion with a Hell is right. Even then you might get off in some cases.

- SmartLX

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