How to keep moving on

What do you base on to keep moving on? I mean, I'm not a depressive person, but I really haven't shared my thoughts with atheists, only with Christians who simply argue with me without any question that God exists and that bible thing, threatening me that I won't go to heaven and so on. Well, assuming there is no God, and we are merely a nature random event that just happened. This way we'd assume that whatever is right is wrong is fully an interpretation of other people's rules created in order to attempt to make a peaceful coexistence, which I would name society. So, is it fair to try living restricted to these rules? I am from a country where most of it's population is corrupt, and lots of people that live in corruption find shortcuts to a "better life". I'm what we call an "honest" person and try my best not to hurt people's feelings, not to lie and not to be corrupt. I do not take those shortcuts. And if I were to take, I would not feel fine with myself. But since there is no heaven-hell thing, most of them won't be punished by living on their ignorance and greed. I won't too be rewarded by being such an honest person. That does not bother me at all, because my reward is to live each day knowing that I am not taking advantage of anyone else. But such a feeling that I have to be honest, wasn't born with me, it was imposed by the society's rules. Am I right? Another point is, aren't you afraid of dieing? Because if we do not believe in God we reject the after death theories. Or do the atheists have their own theory? Because if they do not, isn't it just insane to think of working your whole life for nothing? The only "benefit" of your life is to other people, like, you die and your kids inherit your money and property, or even your knowledge. Doesn't this annoy you? Because it really does to me. It makes me want really bad for something else to be there when I die, for my existence keep going and for me to keep having objectives. I cannot consider myself an atheist because I keep pending to believe in something which I do not know. But sometimes this belief just disappears and I feel really bad that I'll die, and it'll end there. This only bothers me or you have found too yourself thinking of this? I have more questions such as, what is life? isn't life an odd thing? A living thing is just a bunch of atoms which composition is different from a non living thing, that can be alive or dead. If God didn't create us, isn't it just curious how these small particles can cooperate with each other to make an alive creature? What is extra there? Soul? So if there is soul, there is afterlife, and there is something else, maybe God? What do you think? Please share. Thanks!
Atheist Answer: 

It is sad to think that many people who live selfishly will never be punished for it in their lifetimes, and then receive no punishment after death. That's why it's important to work to bring them to account while they're alive. The idea that it would be right, or just, for them to be judged when they die will not make it happen. It can be nicer to imagine, but that doesn't make it true. It's up to living people to uphold justice as we see it. Take it as motivation, not discouragement.

Generally our personal beliefs and values are passed on to us by our parents and friends, and reinforced by scoiety. Fair or not, that's how it is. You always have the option to go against those beliefs and values, but then you're going against your family, your friends, your society and often your own instincts. It is possible, and on rare occasions it's the best thing to do. It's what most religious people face when they want to leave their religions, for example.

There's no afterlife in an atheist's worldview. That's why I value life so much. Since there's no reward waiting for me, I work to have my rewards while I'm still here. That needn't mean living selfishly, as charity and altruism can be their own reward. If I believed in a heavenly afterlife I could reach, I might be satisfied with a less wonderful life because I'd think something better was coming. Again, the fact that it's a nice idea does not make it true. So I try to make my heaven right here.

- SmartLX

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