god's laws that he himself broke.

Why did god screw another mans wife to make baby jesus when he could have just made him himself, and then make it one of his laws in the Ten that man shall not commit such acts.
Atheist Answer: 

It does sound silly when you put it like that, but it's not the best criticism when you look closely. In the Gospels which actually mention the virgin birth, Mary was already pregnant when she married Joseph. God didn't have to screw her anyway; it was a sort of divine artificial insemination. If He had screwed her, it wouldn't be a virgin birth.

It's fun to find inconsistencies in the Bible, but it's been around for a very long time and apologists have had ample opportunities to restore its internal consistency through extremely convoluted logic. Otherwise nobody would dare declare it to be inerrant. It will take more than an accusation of hypocrisy on God's part to actually shake someone's faith.

- SmartLX

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