Why do you want to live?

If you don't believe in a God, why do you want to live? For what purpose did you get up this morning? I'm not trying to come off as insincere; I really am curious, because I don't hear this issue talked about much on atheist websites. Where does the meaning for your life come from? Is there a such thing as meaning apart from God? Personally, what do you consider the meaning of your own life to be, and what are your goals in life?
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I'm really want to hear from

I'm really want to hear from anyone! Answer the question in a comment.

meaning of life

I derive pleasure and fulfillment from the numerous accomplishments and experiences I am involved with every day.
I create beautiful structures which provide joy and serenity to my customers. I live every day for wonderful variety of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings that are all around me at any given minute. If I were to live for 100 years even 1000 years I could never experience all that the world as we know it today has to offer. I don't need a promise of an everlasting existance after death to find fulfillment in my everyday life. I find fullfilment in living! Tomorrow is not guaranteed, neither is eaternity!!
I refuse to allow myself to be scared into living my life according to someone else's rules.

your answers

If you don't believe in a God, why do you want to live?

"Because i dont want to live my life in fear of what will happend after i die."

For what purpose did you get up this morning?

"I got up this morning to go to work. make sence?"

I'm not trying to come off as insincere; I really am curious, because I don't hear this issue talked about much on atheist websites. Where does the meaning for your life come from?

"The meaning of my life is i want my given freedom of watching sex on cable tv without a christain telling me i cant. Not nessasarly but i deserve the right just like everyone else does to live free from your religious influence."

Is there a such thing as meaning apart from God?

"How can there be when there is no god?"

Personally, what do you consider the meaning of your own life to be, and what are your goals in life?

"My personal goal is to not exingiush your religion just free my people from your influence, because i believe you have the right to do what you wish but your religion does not have the right to tell me what to do."

an actual response

First of all, let me commend you for asking this question. A lot of theists that I've encountered have this question, but don't want to ask it for fear of sounding jerky. I assure you, you don't.

I don't think that belief in a deity necessarily coorelates with a will to live. When I was a theist, my belief in god didn't sustain me any more than my non-belief does now. It's life, you know? So nothing really changed, at least on an emotional or psychological level.

My will to live stems from a variety of sources. One is that I love to learn, and I have ambitions that include learning as much as I can so that I might apply my knowledge to help others. (Yes, I'm serious, and yes, an atheist can do good things.) Also, I love nature, so I like to get up and explore it. I got up this morning because I wanted to see the sunrise. (And I had to go to work.)

I think the meaning of life is to do what you can to help others. It sounds wishy-washy, I know. But does God necessitate every ounce of meaning in your life? Why should he? What I'm saying is that we're viable humans here and now, and if there is something extra (ie, god), then that's fine, but its absence does not make us less human, and its presence does not make us more human. Both theism and atheism are, after all, sets of beliefs. There is no 100% proof... if there was, there would not be any debates.

I hope that I answered your question well.

Why Wouldn't I Want To Live?

Why wouldn't I want to live? Life can be really great, most of the time it is. I got up this morning because I enjoy life, I love my wife, and my month old baby girl.

Life itself is meaningful. I don't full understand everything there is about life, the universe, etc., but I know that there are pleasures about life that I fully enjoy, and would like to continue to experience.

Yes, there is meaning apart from a belief in a god, or having religious beliefs. Without getting too philosophical, what do you mean by ''meaning''? I suspect any argument made about ''God'' making life meaningful, and meaning coming from ''God''alone is circular. However, I do understand your question, as I once was a Christian and asked similar questions. The way for you to understand it is adding things up in your life to equal meaning are just the same with or without ''God'' in the equation. Music is still just as sweet, food still tastes as good, and love still carries with it all its positive sensations.

I consider the meaning of my own life to be that I desire to be a great husband, father, friend, teacher, protector, lover, and general increaser of good in the world. I can do all these things without a religious belief, and do them well. Being religious doesn't guarantee that I will be better at life.

My ultimate goal is to continue to learn as much as I can about everything, grow old with my wife, and raise wonderful children.

And then what? After you

And then what? After you die, then what? It isn't religion that Christians argue - its a relationship with Christ, the one true God.

It saddens me that your ultimate goal stops there. It saddens me for your daughter as well. My ultimate goal is to know Christ and make Him known. My eternity will be with Christ, in Heaven. Where will you be once this life is over? Does not knowing scare you at all?

So I'm going to be bad here,

So I'm going to be bad here, and turn the tables. What if you're wrong? What if there is no god, no afterlife, no eternal kumbaya with Jesus? What will your life have meant then?

Sure, I'll play.

Sure, I'll play. Hypothetically, if everyone was completely wrong about God - it was all a big joke - then what, right? Then I'd have lived a good life, had a great time, created amazing memories, and helped people along the way. Then I'd die and become fertilizer - just like you. My life would not have been lived in vain but would have been lived in pursuit of people and loving them more than myself. If you ask me...if I were an atheist and believed that my final resting place was in the ground without hope for eternity...I'd be DYING (no pun intended) to believe in something else. Something that provided hope and purpose. How much more bleak can it get?!

But since I'm not wrong about Christ, my salvation through His death on the cross, and my eternity - I do have hope and my life does have a purpose.

This costs me nothing, the price was paid for me - and for you. But atheism will cost you eternity. Now, is it worth it? It couldn't possibly be.

Ahh, the resurgence of

Ahh, the resurgence of Pascal's Wager. In the end, it's a flawed argument anyway, but since it's been beaten to death, I'll let it drop here.

As far as the meaning of life, finding purpose, life being bleak as an atheist, etc. I'll only say that life is anything but bleak and meaningless as an atheist. Life is still wonderous and hard. In fact, it becomes even more so when you realize that this is the only turn you get on the merry-go-round. One life to live, so live it to the fullest. I'm not dying to believe in something else because I don't need anything but reality (at least as far as we can perceive reality).

What was flawed about my

What was flawed about my argument? I didn't see your reasoning, just curious. Sorry you think the way you do, you're in my prayers.

Pascal's Wager is not a

Pascal's Wager is not a logically valid argument:


And please don't feel sorry for me. There's absolutely no reason to, and whether or not you mean it that way, it comes across as arrogant and condescending.

Bro, in no way was I being

Bro, in no way was I being arrogant or condescending - I meant every word of it. I truly do pray for you guys, not that your souls will be saved from the pits of hell or whatever kind of a prayer....not at all. Just that you find truth, Christ Jesus, and the life that He brings. In no way am I better than you, or you better than me - that's not the issue here. But alot of the time, the "rational" thought I hear so much about isn't rational at all - at least not to me. Sorry it came off that way. I really do appreciate you taking the time to discuss this stuff with me - I like knowing more about other people and what they think and feel.

you're just like me

Sure, in your hypothetical end-time situation, you end up just like me. However, in the meantime, you have wasted your time & energy worshiping a non-entity and squandered your wealth building useless temples, spreading falsehoods and sending evangelists out into the world to corrupt innocents.

pascal's wager

Any god worth worshiping would be really pissed if I were doing it just so I would be on the right side of a wager.