What are you if you believe in ALL religions, not just one particular religion?
Atheist Answer: 

Insane? Suffering from a near infinite amount of personalities disorder?

- Brian Sapient


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You are a searcher.Atheism

You are a searcher.Atheism is a sytem of belief no less than Theism. And, I would point out one of the world's greatest religions, Buddhism doesn't embrace the idea of a supreme godhead at all. There is a 'creator buddha' mentioned in an obscure text who disappeared after the act of love called creation. Dismissing alternate beliefs out of hand without study is akin to knocking over strawdogs when a few might be Rottweilers. It is no less intellectually absurb than the blind men describing the elephant.

I love your answer. How can

I love your answer. How can you possibly believe in so many contradictory different religions? Or to be perfectly reasonable, even one contradictory religion.

All religions?

This is an impossibility, like crafting a round square. Many religions are mutually exclusive. In order to 'believe in all religions', you would have to be instead believing in a single, ridiculous religion of your own design.

your incorrect, atheism is

your incorrect, atheism is not a system of beleafs like religion, its a lack of beleaf in god/s that is really the only unifying thread in religion, it does not dictate how to live your life to acheave some sort of afterlife

Obviously believing in the

Obviously believing in the complete doctrines of all religions is preposterous, but I doubt you actually do.

I suspect you mean that you believe there is some truth in all religions, but none of them have it exactly right. This is agnostic spiritualism; a belief that there is "something out there" but no adherence to any one theory of what it is. I was an agnostic spiritualist right before I was an atheist.