Does E.T. exist ?

do you believe or think that extraterrestrials exsist ?, intelligent or not ?,, i think they do, why would there be a entire universe and have life only spawn on 1 planet ? ,,, the evidence of life could exsist in extreme conditions,. weather it be bacteria,, or intelligent.. if your a ufo skeptic, take this into account. why is it that through out history in painting and tablets, and poetry, there was evidence pointing out the exsistance of aliens,or ufo's ?, because they must of been aliens. now on to todays time. you can go to any site that has informantion about ufo's and see pictures or video. how would i know if it isnt a haox ?, well you could get a photo expert to anylyse the pictures with computers to determin if they are real or not. or you could investigate for yourselfs and try to find ufo's
Atheist Answer: 

I think the universe is way too big for Earth to be the only planet with life, but the universe is so big that other life might never find us, and vice versa.

I don't think aliens left their mark on ancient civilisations. We recognise the pictures you refer to as spaceships or whatever because we see a lot of spaceships in fiction and real life. The original artists were probably trying for something very different.

I don't think any of the more recent evidence of UFOs is terribly conclusive proof of aliens, but a lot of them are certainly unidentified flying objects as far as the people with the cameras are concerned.

- SmartLX


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what "ufo" means

Remember, "UFO" means "unidentified flying object", not "spaceship from Mars".