Could our "energy" recycle itself?

After reading your response to a recent question regarding reincarnation I couldn't help but think, what if our bodies energy recycles itself? When I say energy I mean the electrical impulses or electricity that runs through our bodies that carry and direct our thoughts, memories and bodily functions. When we die does this electricity just cease to exist or is it conceivable that the energy may leaves our bodies but still continues on in another form, possibly finding a home in a newly conceived human life. Has science not suggested that energy never truly disappears?
Atheist Answer: 

A certain amount of the energy that makes a human being function will certainly end up in other humans after he/she dies. A lot of it is recycled chemically in the soil that claims our bodies, for a start.

Does that count as reincarnation, though? Once that energy leaves your body, it has no memory of who or even what you were. It does not carry any part of what you would think of as your identity (you might suppose it does so invisibly, but then you're getting into the realms of fantasy).Those who come into contact with it will not be contacting "you".

It is a nice thought that our physical remains continue on as part of our larger legacy, and I've actually used that thought to comfort the bereaved. The energy we've used, while it is out there, will not produce any long-term echoes of us that anyone will ever identify. Our memories and identities are much better preserved in photo albums.

- SmartLX


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I remember when I was a kid,

I remember when I was a kid, my mom and I were talking about reincarnation and those people who have been said to know things they shouldn't, etc. She made the comment that maybe somehow memories can be inherited. Not that they would leave one body and find another, but genetically passed down as other traits are.

Do you think there is any possibility of that?

Hereditary memories

Possibility, yes. Truth, not currently.

Think of instincts: hereditary thought patterns which inform our behaviour. It's conceivable that a complete and specific memory could develop in the form of an instinct over many generations - a sort of race memory. Firstly, this would take at least that long and thus it wouldn't be the memories of your parents, grandparents or anyone you'd met. Secondly, I just don't think it's happened so far.