what category am i?

what the heck am i? where do i fit in? do i have a category? i don't believe there is a god. if there is he is an awful awful being. of course i guess i could be wrong. i used to be very religious but now i am not. i used to go to church every day for like 10 years by myself b/c my family is pretty religiously diverse. but i feel like i wasted all of that time worshipping something fake and selfish. i dont believe there is a devil or an afterlife but again....i could be wring. i belive in fate. we follow the path set out for us and make whatever choices we're set up to make. there are no regret and is no point in asking "what if". oh and im 16 but this isnt one of those "phases" im very mature for my age. i've heard it a thousand times. please help me. :) my email is [email protected] if you feel that would be a more efficient way of communication. looking forward to hearing back from you, Kristen
Atheist Answer: 

I always prefer to communicate through the site, where others might enjoy the discussion.

Like me, you're an agnostic atheist. Admitting you don't know and could be wrong makes you agnostic. Regardless, your lack of belief in gods or the equivalent makes you an atheist.

Believing our future and our choices are set is called determinism. I don't believe in free will either (sure, we can do what we want to, but we can't want what we want to) but I stop short of being a determinist like you.

That's because there appears to be a random element in the universe. It's what quantum mechanics were formulated to explain. It rarely affects any event we might actually observe, but it seems that on an atomic level the position and velocity of any particle is often not even determined, let alone predetermined. There's no way to control this phenomenon so it's no friendlier to free will than determinism is, but it does suggest that the future path of the universe is only secure on the surface, and only most of the time.

Don't feel you have to categorise yourself at all if you don't want to, but purely by definitions, you're an agnostic atheist and a determinist. I'm with you on two out of three.

- SmartLX