proving god doesn't exist

hey all well it's been a while since i have done this so i know i've been missed lol. my question today is simply disproving the christian god ...or any god for that matter. at one time i thought that it was impossible to prove or disprove god i'm starting to rethink that. though i'll say right now that the possibility of a god is there though it is limited. but lets say hypothetically that there is a god who's to say that the christian god is the right one? maybe over half of the world population is worshiping the wrong god and are pissing the real one off! ok i know i go on these tangents a lot but i like trying to learn all about this i am interested that and when i find new stuff that proves that religion is crap i get the joy of silently laughing at what people believe... i asked the question once where is the evidence of the stuff that is talked about in the bible noahs flood. moses, jesus, etc. and i find time and time again that it isn't there so either i'm looking in the wrong places or there isn't evidence. as a side note/question my mom tells me that the gospels where written at a certain time and then i read somewhere that they were written much later so if anyone knows how i can find the true dates at which the gospels where written i'd appreciate it ohh ps.. for any one whos interested there is this site that i've been reading in and i want someone more knowelgable than me on the subject to look through it someone go there and tell me what you think the addie is: tell me what you think thanks muchum
Atheist Answer: 

Your train of thought seems a little bit scattered. I'll try and follow along as I respond.

- In order to prove the non-existence of a god, you have to rule out not only all possible places it could be, but all possible things it could be. The study of what something is is called ontology, and the ontology of even the Christian god is terribly vague.

- The idea that the real god might not be the Christian one is the best response to Pascal's Wager. Well done coming up with it yourself.

- There is no available physical evidence for any of the figures or events you mention, only documentation in the form of the Bible and some other writings. That's why these texts are defended so aggressively. They're the last and only line of defence for Christianity, and Judaism too.

- When the gospels were written is no more settled than who wrote the things. As the link explains, Christian scholars tend towards a range of dates in the middle of the first century (20-30 years after the apparent crucifixion), while others think it was closer to the end of that century (30-60 years after).

- The God is Imaginary website doesn't really prove that God is imaginary. It does have some very clever arguments which turn scripture against itself and portray certain beliefs as very silly indeed. It's become infamous enough that evangelists have posted direct responses. This guy has written fifty proofs God is real to counter the site's fifty "proofs" God is imaginary. Not one of his is a real proof either.

- SmartLX