Are ISLAM and the Prophet MUHHAMED a real?

Considering the serious danger fundalmentalist ISLAM poses to the world, can you help refute their claims of being the true religion? Think of how much safer we would all be if these people were able to see the fallacies of their belief system. Any really BIG cajones?....
Atheist Answer: 

There are a great many issues with the truth claims of Islam. I suggest starting by searching Wikipedia for "Historicity of Muhammad" and working from there. Do not take Wikipedia at face value, of course.

Unfortunately fundamentalist Muslims, like any other religious fundamentalists, will not generally accept criticism of their religion. Muslims who lose the faith, apostates, are marked for death. Non-Muslims are infidel and not to be trusted. You can see how it's difficult to attain a platform from which you'd actually be listened to.

Don't take it for granted that if Muslims were presented with evidence that their beliefs are false, they would abandon them. It would be far easier to believe that the evidence itself is false or, even more cunningly, a test of faith.

Nobody wants to be a traitor, but that's currently the only official way to leave Islam. Fundamentalist Islam especially has insulated itself against Muslim and non-Muslim reason alike. It'll be tough to inject any.

- SmartLX